Maui Wedding Photography
Your wedding day is one of the most important days of your life. You're going to travel a long way and spend a lot of time and money to get to Maui and you want it all to go perfectly. You want a photographer who is on time, pleasant to work with, and creates beautiful pictures. "Prompt and Friendly" is my motto, and I understand what it takes to compose a good photo. I know my cameras and the lighting, but I am ultimately successful when, at a glance, the emotion being felt by the subjects is instantly understood when the photo is viewed.
I always have my camera at the ready - I'm looking for the love between the bride and groom and their families, but I am also looking for that exceptional and interesting shot of surprise, pleasure, joy, relief, beauty, and kindness. As the photographer, I'm also often in charge of setting up the wedding party and arranging the schedule for post-wedding photos. Let's say you are planning a sunset wedding on the beach. We'll talk before the ceremony and I will reassure you that I will get many good shots during the ceremony and that afterward we'll get get the whole group and sub-groupings (parents, wedding party, all the girls, all the boys etc etc), the cake cutting, the toast, while leaving plenty of time before sunset to concentrate on the bride and groom. This may sound a little busy, but I have shot over 500 weddings and I guarantee it will all seem effortless. The important thing is that everyone remains relaxed and that the atmosphere is kept light and pleasant.
I am able to keep my rates very attractive since my policy is to give my clients a CD with "many" (depending on package) excellent photos at very high resolution. The clients are then free to reproduce, enlarge, and email the photos as they desire.