I was born in Chicago in 1954 but grew up in S. Florida. I have also lived in Michigan, Alaska, and Connecticut for about 5 years each. I visited the Big Island in 1981 and stayed for a year in Hilo, and returned 10 years later. In '03 I moved to Maui to be married to my wife Jean. She was a wedding coordinator then, and I began to work for one of her very good photographers and a year later I was on my own.

I believe that a person must be exposed to many things and experiences in life in order to discover the occupation, art, or even hobby that naturally resonates with him/her. Before I ever dreamed of being a photographer I was always attracted to photography exhibits, displays, and books, particularly with people as the subject. I would go to the library looking for a novel and wind up spending an hour paging through an Edward Steichen or Man Ray photo book. It's been quite a journey but it is only natural that I "find" myself in photography, that I am good at it, and that I naturally strive to get better at it. I have been working on my own for 5 years now, and have shot over 500 weddings and done 100s of "family" shoots as well.